The 10 Best White Sneakers For Women

The 10 Best White Sneakers For Women

There are few pairs of shoes as versatile as a white sneaker. As someone who has done exhaustive research looking for the best white sneakers for women, I can say there are a lot of options to choose from. And, it’s an important decision. After all, a pair of sneakers can have a huge impact on your day, particularly if they’re uncomfortable, too tight, or give you blisters.

As I looked high and low for great white sneakers for this list, I kept stumbling across some of the most famous sneaker brands. As you scroll through, you’ll see some great options from name-brands like Adidas, Reebok, Skechers, and Converse. But, if name-brands aren’t important to you (‘What’s in a rose?’ As they say), you can find even more white sneakers out there that are worth your time. From a pair of slip-ons with memory foam soles (swoon!), to a chunky “Dad” sneaker, the shoes below cover all styles and designs.

If you’re looking for a breathable shoe, you might be better off opting for a low-profile sneaker with a mesh upper that can let airflow into your feet. But, if you prefer a leather sneaker, there are plenty here with leather uppers that are comfortable and stylish (if not waterproof).

As somewhat of a white sneaker connoisseur, I’ve gathered up 17 of the finest trainers below. No matter what your personal style, you’ll find a pair of kicks you love. Now presenting: the best white sneakers for women.

1. An Affordable Pair Of Breathable Running Sneakers
DUOYANGJIASHA Women’s Athletic Mesh Breathable Sneakers

You likely won’t find a better deal on a pair of white trainers. While these have a cushioned insole for extra padding if you were to go for a long run, many reviewers say they’re better for lighter exercise rather than pounding the pavement. They also have a metallic silver ripple design on either side, so when you’re out and about during the daytime the light will catch your sneakers and your shoes will shine. A fun bonus, if you ask me.

What fans say: “My daughter loves these shoes. Just wanted a supplementary pair for weekends & such. Very surprised at the quality so far, especially considering the price difference in comparison to the shoes we normally buy. They’ve been worn many times during all kinds of activities & they seem to be holding up well. The color & style are appealing as well.”

2. An Adidas Running Shoe With Cloud-Like Soles
adidas Women’s Cloudfoam QT Racer Running Shoe

At a slightly higher price point, these running shoes come from a name-brand, Adidas. What you’re paying for: They’re designed with Adidas’ patented Cloudform soles that are soft and supportive. The mesh uppers allow air to more freely move through this shoe, so you won’t overheat when you’re working out. And with 1,200 Amazon reviews and a 4.4-star rating, these shoes have won over sneaker fans everywhere.

What fans say: “I love how lightweight these shoes are; that has made a tremendous difference in how my feet feel at the end of my workday. I’ve ordered three different pairs and each one has held up really well, and are easy to keep clean (I was hesitant about the white soles). As weird as what I put these shoes through at work is, they’ve really resolved my workplace shoe dilemma nicely.”

3. A Classic Pair Of Lace-Up Keds With Nearly 2,000 Amazon Reviews
Keds Women’s Champion Original Leather Lace-Up Sneaker

A pair of Keds has been a wardrobe staple for generations. And these low-rise, lace-up sneakers by Keds are the perfect supplement to nearly any outfit. Even better, they’re available in a massive range of shoe sizes and four different shoe widths, so you can find the best fit for you. And, even though the upper is made partially of leather, these shoes are easy to wash with soap and water so you can keep your white kicks looking fresh that much longer.

What fans say: “It’s so hard to find cute comfortable shoes in wide or double wide sizes. I decided to try these in white leather since they come in WW and from the moment I put them on I was in love. Not only do they look fabulous, but they just feel great. I wanted a flat shoe with no drop, no extra cushy support, and preferably no arch support… I am now using these as my regular walking shoe.”

4. Comfortable Platform Slip-Ons
SODA Women’s Preforated Slip On Sneakers

If lace-up sneaks aren’t your style, a comfortable slip-on shoe like these ones from SODA could be just the ticket. The perforated design on the bridge of these shoes gives them a bit of extra breathability. And, the entire shoe is made with synthetic materials that can be easily thrown in the washing machine and then air-dried. One note: While reviewers admit that these shoes can be stiff at first, they stretched and are much more comfortable after a few wears.

What fans say: “These are cute and comfortable! I took the advice from other reviews and sized down. I am usually a 6.5 but got a 6 and they fit perfect. I have wide feet and these adjusted very well. I highly recommend to anyone looking for a simple but cute shoe.”

5. A Stylish Leather Slip-On Sneaker With Ruffles
Keds Women’s Triple Ruffle Leather Fashion Sneaker

Also from Keds, these ruffled slip-on sneakers offer the perfect blend of comfort and style. Made from leather, these shoes will easily stretch and mold to the shape of your individual feet overtime. They have a built-in, 1-inch platform that gives you some added height without causing any discomfort. And the insole is outfitted with Keds’ cushioned “Ortholite” technology so you’ll feel comfortable even if you’re on your feet for awhile.

What fans say: “After the [first three] wears it’s perfect fit and comfortable…loads of compliments on the style. To add to it, it’s easily cleaned because it’s leather.”

6. A Lightweight Sneaker With A Breathable Upper & Non-Slip Sole
JIASUQI Women’s Lightweight Slip On Shoes

These white sneakers are designed with a mesh upper that’s super breathable and that ends in an elastic band at the top. That means these sneakers actually fit more like a sock in some ways. But, fit aside, their soles are one big reason they’ve earned a 4.8-star rating on Amazon. The sole is made from an EVA foam that is moisture-wicking and supportive. At just $25, these white sneakers are a total bargain.

What fans say: “Omg I love these shoes!!!! Wear a 7.5 and they fit perfect!!!! I can’t believe how comfortable they are I’m already ordering a second pair!”

7. A Chunky “Dad” Sneaker You’ve Probably Seen On Instagram
Fila Women’s Disruptor II Sneaker

The Fila disrupters are a fantastic shoe for a few reasons. First, they’re durable build means these can hold up to a lot of wear for a really long time. While these don’t have the slim profile of a slip-on, that works in their favor. The treading on the outsole of the shoe may make the shoe look larger, but it also prevents you from slipping. And, despite their appearance, they’re not truly very heavy. The sole is made of a lightweight EVA foam that’s supportive and won’t weigh the shoe down. They’re also available in an all-white option (as opposed to white, red, and navy, pictured here) if that’s more your style.

What fans say: “My new everyday sneaker. I love the design and I love the small platform to give me height! They are so comfortable too I’ve worn them to the zoo walking for hours and my feet didn’t hurt. I love these shoes and am so glad I finally bought them!”

8. A Knitted Slip-On With A Lace-Up Design Just For Show
Feetmat Women’s Slip On Shoes Sneakers

While these slip-on shoes do have built-in laces, they’re largely for show. These white sneakers from Feetmat fit at your ankles and cling tight to your foot. They’re designed with an anti-slip outsole that’ll keep you secure in your footing, and they’re completely seamless so they won’t tear or fray with repeated wear. Like similar styles on this list, these shoes have a breathable upper that allows airflow to your feet. This pair is great for any weather or season, from a chilly fall evening to a sweltering summer day.

What fans say: “Oh the shoes!! I was looking for a comfortable walking shoe… My toes tend to get smooshed in most tennis shoes and have not been able to find comfy shoes til these. They are amazing… worth every penny thus far.”

9. A Converse-Style Low-Top Sneaker
ZGR Women’s Canvas Low Top Sneaker

Designed in the style of a classic pair of Converse, these low-top sneakers are seriously affordable. For just $20, you can get the same look and feel of a much more expensive shoe. They’re constructed with a canvas material that is easy to wash in the washing machine. And, you can even get them in a high-top version if that’s more to your taste. Reviewers are quick to say these shoes are nearly identical to the authentic Converse Chuck Taylors, at a much better price.

What fans say: “Better than the real Converse. I absolutely love these and will probably never buy actual Chuck Taylors again. The ONLY visible difference is that there isn’t a label. But these are actually way more comfortable than the real deal. I’ve received lots of compliments of them.”

10. A Pair Of Reeboks Designed To Improve How You Walk
Reebok Women’s Classic Renaissance Sneaker

These white Reeboks are actually designed to help you enhance your walking style. The beveled sole allows you to easily grip whatever ground you’re walking on, and the interior sock liner makes these shoes comfortable on all sides. Even better, the soft leather upper will mold to the shape of your feet overtime. While Reeboks have a storied history as running shoes, these are a much better pair for lighter exercise or a day spent walking around.

What fans say: “These shoes are very comfortable and true to size, great for jobs and or activities that require long hours of standing. The memory foam inside gives these shoes the comfort one need. They have great arch support and made of soft material. They are breathable and the wide fit don’t suffocate your feet after long hours of wear. I Love the classic leather look on these sneakers. I love the all black look and the best part is it is very easy to clean and hard to stain.”

11. Lightweight, Mesh Slip-Ons To Keep Your Feet Cool
GAXmi Women Lightweight Walking Shoes

These white trainers from GAXmi are one of the lowest-profile shoes on this list. In fact, they’re so lightweight you might forget you have them on. The fly-knit pattern of the upper makes these sneakers breathable and flexible, perfect if you’re slipping them on in a hurry and will be on the go all day. One note: Reviewers say these shoes loosen with repeated wear, so give them a bit of time when you first unbox them.

What fans say: “I BOUGHT THESE SNEAKERS, OF COURSE, FOR COMFORT AND FOR THE LOOKS! No lie… I was pleasantly surprised! As soon as I put these sneakers on, immediately I felt like I was walking on cotton and so light weight. Then there was the look, they looked Great! I bought them for work and everyday I wear them someone says how marvelous they look! I can’t wait to buy all the colors so they match all my outfits.”

12. A Leather Striped Sneaker From An Iconic Brand
adidas Women’s Cloudfoam Advantage W Fashion Sneaker

I may be biased because these Cloudform Adidas are a personal favorite of mine, but they live up to the hype. Not only are the soles soft yet supportive, but the shoe itself only becomes more comfortable to wear as time goes on. They also have a sock liner designed with memory foam to mold to your individual feet. Word to the wise, sizing can vary a bit on these shoes so double check before you buy. Over 1,200 Amazon reviewers are in agreement: These shoes are a fantastic purchase.

What fans say: “These shoes are so comfortable. I absolutely love, LOVE them! I have a bunion on my left foot and these shoes are the only ones that don’t bother it. I can walk a lot further without pain wearing these shoes. I’ve tried several other types of shoes. Some expensive and some not so expensive. I couldn’t walk that far as my foot would start hurting right away and would get worse and worse. It didn’t take long to get to this point. Buying these shoes made me a very happy walker.”

13. A Lightweight Pair Of Running Shoes That Won’t Set You Back
MAIITRIP Women’s Lightweight Breathable Mesh Running Sneakers

While other affordable so-called running shoes on this list are better for light exercise, these white sneakers are great for all manner of working out — and they’re super affordable to boot. Designed with an insole that can be easily removed if you find it irritating, these trainers offer the best of both worlds: lightweight construction with plenty of support. Best yet, the brand offers a money-back guarantee for the first 90 days, so you really have nothing to lose with this pair.

What fans say: “I needed some new shoes because the soles on my last pair had split at the ball of my feet. I like to jog/run on a treadmill everyday for exercise… They really are nice and light… They’ve got nice support despite the fact that they’re so light. My feet feel good in them whether I’m walking or running.”

14. Platform Lace-Up Sneakers From Superga
Superga Women’s 2790 Acotw Fashion Sneaker

These white Superga sneakers have a 1.5-inch platform that’ll give you plenty of additional height. The outsole is made of rubber and can be easily wiped clean if you step in mud and need to spot clean. In turn, the upper is made of a cotton that can be thrown in the washing machine. Even better, the lace-up design allows you to customize how tight the bridge is over your foot. Reviewers and the manufacturer report these sneakers run a little bit large, so you may want to size up.

What fans say: “Bought these for my 20 year-old daughter who is petite and on her feet a lot. She loves the way they look and that they give her a little extra height. She was pleasantly surprised by the arch support. She normally wears a size 6.5 shoe, so these may run a little large. She also found that her heel slipped out of the shoe as she walked, so she added heel pads, which solved the problem.”

15. A Low-Profile Pair Of Leather Slip-Ons
206 Collective Women’s Cooper Perforated Slip-on Fashion Sneaker

A low-profile white sneaker like this one from 206 Collective is a versatile pick that will match nearly any outfit. The simple design has a leather upper that’s flexible enough to easily slide on and off your foot. Like all leather shoes, these will gradually stretch to shape to your feet, so give it a few wears when you first try them on. But for just $25, this true leather white sneaker is a great buy.

What fans say: “Super comfy and was also incredibly surprised at how well made they were! The leather is high quality and the soles super sturdy with clean seams and lines. They go with absolutely everything from tights to jeans to dresses. Super versatile shoe!”

16. A Comfortable Pair Of Walking Sneakers With Nearly 6,000 
Skechers Performance Women’s Go Walk 3 Slip-On Walking Shoe

With nearly 6,000 Amazon reviews and a 4.4-star rating, these Skechers slip-ons are popular for good reason. The sole is designed with memory foam padding so your feet will stay comfy even if you’re wearing these for hours. These lightweight sneakers weigh just 5 ounces, so you can easily stuff them in a suitcase and bring them with you if you need a great pair of travel shoes. The “Resalyte” midsole absorbs some of the shock of walking on pavement or tough ground through the day. And, the fabric of this shoe is easily washable should you get them dirty.

What fans say: “These things are absolutely wonderful. They are light and have great ventilation. I have lots on knee and ankle problems and the weight and support of these shoes has already offered up some relief. Great quality and style. I thought they would look funky but I adore them. Will definitely be adding another pair in a different color soon!”

17. White Skechers With Memory Foam Soles
Skechers Women’s D’Lites Memory Foam Lace-up Sneaker

For a chunkier vibe, these white Skechers have all the same memory foam benefits of the pair above. The thick midsole serves as a great shock absorber to take the pressure off of your feet, and the higher-profile design gives your ankles more support, as well. In fact, these white trainers are so beloved, they’ve won over nearly 7,000 Amazon fans.

What fans say: “These Skechers are great! I was hesitant about buying them as they were not my usual brand throughout the years. However, they turned out to be super comfortable, design is super sturdy providing great insoles and foot support, and they look great! They run true to size. Most of all, I’m able to walk comfortably again. I cannot say enough good things about these Skechers Sport D’lites. I’m saving up to buy another pair. I definitely recommend them.”